Have a look our base

Have a look at our localization, we are surrounded by high mountains especially towards Europe and America so we try the best to be active from mountains. Zobaczcie jak wygląda nasza lokalizacja w kierunku na Europę. Jak chcesz żebyśmy usłyszeli Cię z anteny drutowej to zapewniam, że jest to nierealne. Wszystkich „życzliwym polakom” dziękujemy i […]

Next three days plan

Hello. Due to difficult location at our base we decided to spend next three days in the mountains. We are going 4×4 today and tomorrow to MN92DH97 (2720 meters above sea level). Will be available from 5 UTC to 11 UTC on 14 MHz (Thursday) and 10 to 13 UTC. On Saturday will be available […]

The third day

Hello world. We had good propagation conditions for Europe and Japan yesterday, so we did quite a lot of contacts. We had short openings for USA too. We are going to Nomad Games in Czolpon Ata today so we will be available in the late evening (Kyrgyz time).