Radio Club Beskidzki SP9KAT from Bielsko-Biała after successful trips to Moldova ER0PL and Georgia 4L9PL is organizing another Dxpedition, this time to Kyrgyzstan. The expedition will take place from August 30th to September 11th, 2018. The expedition will be the announcement of the diploma action commemorating the 50th anniversary of the creation „Abduction of the Balthazar Sponge” fairy tale. The first episode of this fairy tale „Dragon Expedition” has many ham radio accents (including CW communication or phone as portable or air mobile). It was created at Studio of Cartoon Films in Bielsko-Biała, and its action begins in Cracow, that’s why the name and frame of this year’s DXpedition „From Cracostan to Kyrgyzstan” refer to characters and texts from the fairy tale. In connection with the above, a group from Cracow representing the SP9PGE club will join the expedition and the entire action. Our hams are planning the main part of the project for 2019, when they will be active, among others from the Cartoon Film Studio in Bielsko-Biała and from Wawel in Cracow. The above stations will contain the following names in their identification call signs: Smok Wawelski (Dragon from Wawel), Baltazar Gąbka (Balthazar Sponge) (these will be active from Cracow), Bartłomiej Bartolini (Bartholomew Bartolini) and Don Pedro (those from Bielsko-Biała). Establishing radio communication with all five stations (including the one in Kyrgyzstan or a trip to the „surprise” in 2019) will be awarded with a diploma. Such a souvenir will have the chance to get the most persistent radio amateurs from Poland and around the world. For stations that do not meet the conditions for obtaining a diploma, the organizers provide for a certificate of participation for, eg QSO with only one occasional station. The event is intended to commemorate the late Stanisław Pagaczewski, author of the book, on the basis of which in 1969 the animated series „Abduction of the Balthazar Sponge” was created. An interesting fact is that the son of the writer is a radio amateur – Tom Pagaczewski SP9RQE, who together with his sisters willingly supports the above-mentioned initiative of the radio amateurs from Bielsko-Biała and Cracow !. The choice of the location of this year’s expedition is dictated by the lack of activity of amateur radio stations in this part of Kyrgyzstan. A trip with amateur radio equipment gives you the opportunity to make contact with this white spot on the amateur radio map of the world. In the plan of the expedition, apart from communication with radio amateurs from around the world, there are also plans for international emergency communication training of the Beskid Amateur Rescue Network (BASR) between Bielsko-Biała and Kyrgyzstan (4.5 thousand kilometers in a straight line). Hams from SP9KAT want to present wide possibilities of providing international communication using amateur radio equipment in crisis situations, when other forms of professional communication (including the Internet, mobile and satellite phones) will fail. The above situation may take place as a result of sudden events such as: storms, floods, landslides in mountain areas, earthquakes, blizzards or as a result of a growing terrorist threat. 12 radio amateurs will go to Kyrgyzstan (the youngest is 17, the oldest is 64, the average is 48), on the spot probably will join radio amateurs from the capital of Bishkek. Members of the expedition will face a complicated and long journey by land and air through Ukraine and Kazakhstan (2 days one way). Special thanks are due to the Kyrgyz government control authorities for issuing a special radio license and the EX0PL call sign, thanks to which the radio station will be active using CW, SSB, and DIGI modes on the bands from 3.5 to 50MHz. Unfortunately, in Kyrgyzstan, the 144 and 430 MHz bands are forbidden for radio amateurs, just such a curiosity …! The expedition base will be located in a small resort, with a fairytale name … Jeti (loc. MN92CI), located at altitude of over 2,000 m above sea level, just one hundred kilometers from the border with China in the Issyk-Kul region. It is there that Yuri Gagarin, after returning from space, acclimatized to the terrestrial conditions … Expedition members will also be active from such events and places in the area as: Nomad Olympics in Czolpon Ata and the Tian Shan Mountain Peaks with altitude close to 4000 m above sea level (the first SOTA activations), thus showing their commitment to sports and tourism activities. A large number of equipment will arrive to Kyrgyzstan with the participants of the expedition: five transceivers including QRP, battery / solar power supply, antennas: among others: Delta by MOPLK, Rybakov, Bazooka, mini Delta, maybe some directional antennas (restrictions are caused by baggage limits). The expedition is financed from private funds of operators and several companies (including Toyota Carolina Bielsko) and the SP9KAT club covering the costs of QSL cards. QSL direct/ via bureau to SP9KAT. Members of EX0PL intend to establish a lot of communication (Holiday Style) with the whole world during the expedition. EXOPL team is going to soak the local unique atmosphere lost in the nature also. At the end, the members of the EX0PL humorously stated that they would also try to find the missing Professor Balthazar Sponge …;). Is the trail leading to the Tian Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan right …?, We will see;)! Good luck!